The solution site for focus groups in cities with no facilities.

Focus group setup and recruiting in any market

A market research firm
FocusAnywhere is a market research service that provides companies and organizations with a means of conducting focus groups in markets across the United States - no matter how large or small.

No selling involved
If you have been contacted by FocusAnywhere to participate in a specific research study in your area, you can rest assured that your participation is strictly for research services.

FocusAnywhere - as well as the clients that use our services - do not use focus groups or other forms of research (phone interviews, personal interviews) to sell anything.

We pay you
Rather, we want your thoughts and opinions on specific topics, products, or issues. For your time and effort, we pay you.

The most common type of study we do for clients is a two-hour focus group session in a community, for which qualifying participants earn $50.

Learn more
To learn more about focus groups, go to "What is a focus group?"